The next Africa, di Jerry Jumbam

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In The Next Africa, Jerry Jumbam, whose theological experience allows him to see deep and far, explores the trouble with Africa in a fascinating volume that is as penetrating as it is challenging, scholarly, and comprehensive. The image of Africa that emanates from many especially those who champion its cause for liberation rests, as a matter of course, in politics and the economy. What The Next Africa does is to point out and push forward the theological angle (that is, the spiritual and moral) which to him is fundamental today in the uncovering, pinpointing and surgical operation of the worsening African malaise. But for true and life-giving theology to thrive in Africa - Jumbam seems to say - it must never forget its continental cultural, philosophical and theological origins, the Ubuntu.

A landmark volume because it s one of the most hopeful and creative works about contemporary Africa, yet a provocative work to the world and to what Jumbam calls criminal (neo)colonialism'.

ISBN 978-88-6786-286-3
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