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CHILDREN AFFECTED BY ARMED CONFLICT.  A comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis in selected countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America, Edited by Laura Guercio and Paolina Massidda


This comprehensive study navigates the harrowing landscape of children entangled in the tumult of armed conflicts across regions spanning Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. Using a meticulous methodology that integrates both qualitative and quantitative research, the study illustrates the intricate challenges faced by children while advocating for their recognition as pivotal actors of peace, security and justice. The dual approach to data analysis forms the backbone of the research, offering a nuanced understanding through a comparative lens of international and local data. By delving into global statistics and juxtaposing them with locally sourced information, the study unveils not only overarching trends but also the unique contextual nuances that define the experiences of children in conflict zones. Integral to the study is the recognition of children as active agents of change in the pursuit of peace, security and justice. Aligned with the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the report advocates for empowering children through education, psychological well-being, and legal frameworks that amplify their voices. This transformative perspective underscores the urgency of breaking cycles of violence by investing in the resilience and agency of young individuals. The synthesis of quantitative and qualitative insights, coupled with the acknowledgment of children as active contributors to peace, positions this study as a compelling call for action for a world that safeguards the future of children.

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