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IMPACT OF ARMED CONFLICT ON CHILDREN IN IRAQ, SYRIA AND YEMEN. Analysis of the legal and social context

Edited by Laura Guercio and Alicia Mignone


The Handbook “Impact of Armed Conflict on Children in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen” stands as a definitive and exhaustive reference, meticulously curated by a dedicated team of scholars and researchers from the Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflict. Drawing from an extensive body of both qualitative and quantitative research, this handbook meticulously explores the farreaching consequences of armed conflict on the most defenseless and youngest members of society across three warravaged nations. By seamlessly integrating an array of academic disciplines, it provides a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted challenges faced by children in conflictridden regions. With a foundation grounded in robust research methodologies, the book presents a wealth of empirical evidence that underpins its analyses and recommendations, thus providing a datadriven framework. Each section of the handbook is devoted to a specific country, enabling nuanced examinations of the distinctive circumstances and dynamics present in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. These examinations culminate in a series of finelycrafted policy recommendations, which are deeply informed by the research findings, serving as guiding principles for policymakers, nongovernmental organizations, and international agencies striving to improve the circumstances of these vulnerable children. This handbook is an essential tool for policymakers, humanitarian organizations, academics, researchers, and anyone dedicated to comprehending the profound ramifications of armed conflict on children in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. Its evidence-based approach and practical recommendations render it invaluable for shaping policies and initiatives that prioritize the wellbeing and future prospects of these vulnerable populations

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